03.14.20 Daily Bulletin: Kids out of school? Educational resources and tools to help.

Parents everywhere are facing the reality that their kids may be be out of school for 4+ weeks. Worried about falling them behind? We share a wide range of options.

🎯The Stats.

School closure status - see across the country and in your neighborhood.

WHO situation dashboard - the latest counts and cases, by country.

📰 The Topic

👨🏻‍🏫Educational resources

Many parents are worried about how they can help ensure their kids won’t fall behind during the wide-ranging school closures - whether it’s preschools or high schools.

Some schools are providing some level of online instruction of support and others are working to figure out what they’ll be able to help with. In the meantime, here are your options:

  1. 📚Workbooks - from coloring books to math to writing to puzzles, workbooks are a godsend for some “quiet time”.

  2. 💻Online classes - Companies like Outschool and Khan Academy are great resources to do actual courses and guided lessons. Outschool just announced that they’re making free classes available for students affected by closures. Others like Cosmic Kids Yoga or Go Noodle helps get kids moving everyday.

  3. 📱Apps - Toca Boca, Endless Reader and Osmo are beautiful apps that combine play with learning. They can also buy parents 30 min of work time, a great bonus.

  4. 👭Virtual playdates with friends - we’ll share more on this topic, which tends to be more social but consider scheduling a couple of playdates or reading dates by video. Grandparents, aunts+uncles or other parent can read a book or lead an activity via iPad, Facebook Portal or Google Hangouts.

🧰 The Tools.

Amazing Educational Resources - a long and growing list of so many of the educational apps and programs out there. Many have free offers, listed there.

Free online education resources - another list of apps and programs

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